Agrimin Limited is a Western Australian based minerals company and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: AMN). Agrimin has 100% ownership of the large-scale Mackay Sulphate of Potash (SOP) Project located in Western Australia.

Agrimin’s strategic focus on SOP is motivated by excellent market fundamentals which are supportive for the creation of a new large-scale SOP producer. Growth in demand for fertilizers, including SOP, is forecast to be driven by the world’s need to feed growing populations from shrinking arable land resulting in the need to improve agricultural yields. Accordingly, Agrimin expects that SOP deposits throughout Western Australia will become an important source to meet increasing world demand.

The Mackay SOP Project covers an area of 4,410 square kilometers spanning across Lake Mackay, the world’s largest undeveloped SOP-bearing salt lake. Current Mineral Resources stand at 23 million tonnes of SOP and extend to an average depth of only 25 meters. In August 2016, Agrimin reported the results of a positive Scoping Study.

Agrimin sign a Native Title Agreement in 2017 with the traditional land owners and the Company believes the Mackay SOP Project can create greatly improved community and employment opportunities for the Aboriginal people of local communities.