SOP Product Information

SOP is a premium potash fertiliser containing the two nutrients potassium and sulphur. SOP has a low salt index and is virtually chloride-free, making it ideal for high value crops such as fruits, vegetables, grape-vines, hops, potatoes, sunflowers and forest trees.

The potassium-bearing groundwater within Lake Mackay is highly suitable for producing a diverse range of premium grade SOP products, including soluble, standard and granular forms.

The SOP product detailed in the Product Specification Sheet has been generated from potassium-bearing groundwater extracted from the Lake Mackay. More than 100 tonnes of raw potash salts have been harvested from Agrimin’s pilot evaporation ponds on Lake Mackay and processed into SOP product samples at Saskatchewan Research Council in Canada and at Bureau Veritas in Perth.

Agrimin’s SOP is made from the solar evaporation of natural salt lake water and will be suitable for organic production.

Link to Product Specification Sheet: here